Mathematics and Statistics Building, University of Glasgow

jmarchitects goal was to enhance the overall experience of students and staff across the campus by making key alterations to the building’s layout and facilities. The innovative architectural interventions deliver an exceptional learning environment that accommodates additional staff and students, improves workflow and support services, and enhances the building’s quality.




University of Glasgow



With a focus on improving the use of existing facilities, jmarchitects has been involved in a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing the overall experience of students and staff across the campus at the University of Glasgow.

The refurbishment and reconfiguration of the Mathematics and Statistics building is part of a larger campus redevelopment initiative and promises to deliver an exceptional learning environment for students and staff alike. By making key alterations to the building’s layout and facilities, the team aims to provide additional space for staff and students, improve workflow and accommodation for support services, and enhance the overall quality of the building’s spaces through innovative architectural interventions.

The team has also completed reconfiguration and refurbishment works on the Wolfson Medical Building and the Sir James Black Building. These state-of-the-art facilities have been coordinated with the Queen Elizabeth Teaching Hospital to ensure that students receive the best possible medical training experience.

Through refurbishment and reconfiguration of the University of Glasgow’s Mathematics and Statistics building the school is seeking to address the growing demand for academic and student office space. Alterations aim to accommodate additional staff and students, improve workflow and accommodation for support services, and improve the quality of space through considered architectural interventions.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics sits in the heart of the University of Glasgow Campus, neighbour to the Grade A Listed Joseph Black masterpiece along University Place. The erection of the structure was one of the first steps in transforming the former Western Infirmary site. Directly south of the site, building works are nearing completion as part of the university’s campus redevelopment. There is an opportunity to build a relationship between the wider campus masterplan and the Mathematics and Statistics Building to help improve the public realm.

An important aspect of the architectural modifications was to provide the building and its occupants with a sense of identity. The ‘Black Box’ of the Maths and Stats building presented an opportunity to explore a range of elevational treatments, which helped establish this. The abstraction of various Mathematical and Statistical Symbols, provided by the students at the school, were adopted for use as elevational wraps, floor decals and murals at the north and south entrances to the building. Improvements were made to the South Entrance with the design of an Archway that welcomes students from the new University Square which has recently been opened and occupied as construction concludes on the Western campus site.

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The Challenge

To establish a sense of identity for the school and to help improve the immediate campus on an existing temporary structure.

The Solution

Various materials for cladding, surface treatment and signage were explored and studied as a means to improve the building envelope and how the building presents itself within the public realm. Improvements focused on the Front and rear entrance and thresholds as well as the facade.

The Outcome

The temporary nature of the building as well as the façade, presents an opportunity to create a fun and dynamic public realm proposal through signage, elevational treatment and murals that can be de-mounted prior to any future move of the school. We feel in the longer term the ability to recycle any investment in the building at a new situation would be beneficial.

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