jmarchitects unite to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day 2023

As we observe World Mental Health Awareness Day, there is a global movement underway to prioritise mental wellbeing, raise awareness, and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health illnesses.

The theme for this year is ‘Mental Health Matters’ and this underscores the importance of recognising and addressing mental health as a fundamental aspect of over-all wellbeing.

World Mental Health Day serves as a platform for change, offering hope and support to those affected by mental health challenges. By breaking the silence and reducing the stigma, we are all taking a significant step towards a future where mental health is recognised and understood.

All staff at jmarchitects were invited to join in on a group studio breakfast, followed by a team stroll at lunch time to give us all the opportunity to put pens down, turn screens off and come together!

“By breaking the silence and reducing stigma, the world is taking a significant step towards a brighter future where mental health and wellbeing is recognised.”

               – jmcare Group

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