A place for the community to meet and learn together, Wallyford Learning Campus is a state-of-the-art community building that is truly inclusive, intergenerational and responds to environmental and educational agendas.

Born out of the requirement for a new high school, the Campus is home to Rosehill High School as well as a dedicated science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) centre, a severe and complex needs school, hydrotherapy pool and specialist provision community hub for adults with complex needs.

The buildings design has taken a holistic approach to energy efficiency both in terms of building fabric and operational building service systems to achieve carbon reduction targets. However, at Wallyford sustainability goes beyond operational energy; it extends to place where function and location are key.

Supporting the idea of a self-sufficient neighbourhood, the campus includes a community centre and library providing users with key facilities and services within a 20-minute walk or cycle distance whilst condensing the local authority’s estate into one efficient building that is accessible and active all year round.

Inclusion of biophilic design principles results in environmental conditions which will contribute to the health and wellbeing of users and in turn positively influences attainment levels. Through combining architecture of a mature nature with a new vocational approach to education, Wallyford Learning Campus aims to ease the transition and create stronger pathways for young learners moving from a secondary school environment to the workplace or higher education.

Beyond the façade of the building a ‘Learning Landscape’ anchors the building at its core; a space to bring together community, learning, health and wellbeing. Carefully considered spaces encourage outdoor education and facilitate learning partnerships which offer local people opportunities to upskill and engage with employment.

Through engagement with local groups opportunities for therapeutic support, shared growing and intergenerational learning can foster a sense of community whilst improving biodiversity across the site.

By sharing knowledge, supporting local skills, and creating opportunities the campus is supporting local people and promoting climate resilience in the community.

“Fit for purpose in both function and location alike, the building includes Rosehill Secondary School, a STEAM Centre, a Regional Construction Skills Academy and Bricklaying Academy, all supported by Edinburgh College. It also includes a Regional Aggrotech Academy and opportunities for collaboration with the Hospitality Industry. It is a digitally enabled space, with opportunities to connect virtually with international learning experiences. In addition, it contains world class sports, health and wellbeing, science, media, and creative arts spaces. The facility is a game changer in terms of 2-18 curriculum development and post-school apprenticeship and training opportunities. It is also a place where the community can be supported to learn together, indoors and outdoors. Family learning is a key theme. The building operates to the highest standards of sustainability, working harder and longer for the community it serves.”

               – Neil Craik-Collins, Education Service Manager, East Lothian Council

For more information on this project: https://jmarchitects.net/wallyford-learning-campus/

Photography Credit: David Cadzow

Credit: Adelle Jess, jmarchitects

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