It is the role of a Mental Health First Aider to be the first point of contact for employees struggling with their mental wellbeing. We are here to provide support and guidance to all our colleagues here at jmarchitects. Alongside being someone to confidentially talk with, we will act as advocates for positive mental wellbeing in the workplace, helping to promote positive change and reduce the stigma attached to mental health.

As someone who has struggled with an array of mental health challenges myself, I hope to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and promote healthy working and lifestyle practices as part of the jm care group. As part of my role as a mental health first aider, I will listen non-judgmentally, with empathy and respect, and offer help and support as and when needed.”

–          Melissa Hart, jmarchitects Edinburgh

I think the recent qualification of five members of jmarchitects across all our offices, who have obtained Mental Health First Aider status, sends out a hugely positive message to all staff that this aspect of their overall well-being and the specific toolkit we can now develop and utilise, is and always will be, an integral part of our continued success.”

–          Dave Shoreman, jmarchitects Manchester

 “As a mental health advocate, breaking the stigma can be challenging but everyone in some way or another will experience mental health issues. “You are not alone” This was the main reason to become a “Mental Health First Aider” to help break this stigma, give support to fellow colleagues and to assist in developing the business model to improve the mental health and wellbeing in the office.”

–          Michael Mullen, jmarchitects Edinburgh

“As a MHFA I will provide a confidential environment, listen without judgement, and support all of my colleagues with any mental wellbeing difficulties they may be experiencing – whether this is work related or not. Together, the jm care group strives to achieve improved mental health, reduce stigma, and create a workplace where everyone’s mental health matters.”

–          Jodie Alloway, jmarchitects London

 “In the same way that physical health is important within the world of sport, mental health is important within the world of architecture and there should be no stigma in discussing ones mental wellbeing. We have undertaken this course to help promote a more open attitude towards discussing mental health issues and we can now offer confidential and non-judgemental support to anyone who feels that their mental health is affected.”

–          Dave Jennings, jmarchitects Manchester

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