Tweedbank Care Village

“This is an important milestone in our plans for the development of the Tweedbank Care Village and I would encourage anyone with an interest in the project to drop into one of the sessions. It’s an ideal opportunity for people to see that progress that is being made and speak to us about the proposed designs and next steps for the project.” – Councillor David Parker, Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing


Scottish Borders Council

Scottish Borders Council Integrated Older People’s Housing Care and Support Strategic Plan proposes additional investment in Specialist Dementia Care and continued commitment to residential care homes. The proposed Care Village development at Tweedbank is a key element of this wider strategic approach.

The key drivers for the Care Village are to create a facility which promotes the well-being and de-institutionalisation of care for the elderly by the creation of a neighbourhood accessible to all.

The facilities will support small-group living in flats of 6 or less residents, each with their own living/ dining/ kitchen areas. It will promote social inclusion, in a safe and secure, non-institutional, environment for residents and staff, where residents can have the day-to-day experiences of visiting the cafe, hairdresser, greenhouse or shop without restriction. The buildings are set within an external environment which provides residents with space for socialising, exercise, and connection with nature to promote healthy mental well-being. The Lowood Estate site lies to the north of Tweedbank and is bounded by a large meander in the River Tweed to the north, east and west, and by the settlement of Tweedbank and the Borders railway to the south.

The wider Lowood Estate landscape with mature trees and pond will provide a spectacular setting for the Village and allow opportunities for walking, growing, social interaction between residents and the community, and connection with nature to promote healthy mental well-being. The pond becomes a focal point for the site providing a destination area with opportunities for tranquil contemplation while managed wetlands provide opportunities for increased biodiversity.

The scale and massing of the buildings is key to creating the ‘village’ character of the development. The roof forms take inspiration from simple traditional barn vernacular with gables forming distinctive shapes when viewed from key landscape settings.

A brick ground floor plinth with metal clad upper-level roots the buildings in the Lowood environment. Relationships between the buildings are intimate with close visual connections. Detailed, clearly zoned landscaping adds to the domestic feel and scale and clearly defined pathways assist with external wayfinding.

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