Incorporating circularity with design is an approach jmarchitects promotes in our architectural projects in a bid to reach Net Zero Carbon and reduce waste. The choices made within the design and specification process in an important factor in bringing this approach to life.

jmarchitects set out to refurbish our very own Manchester offices with this in mind.  Engaging with Tarkett’s ReStart recycling programme has allowed us to send back installation off-cuts of the vinyl used within our office, as well as the carpet tiles that were used previously, again, utilising Tarkett’s recycling capabilities.

Their hassle-free recycling service ReStart allows circularity to come to life and we are proud to incorporate this into our refurbishment project.

The installation off-cuts of the vinyl sent back will be saving 3.6kgs CO2eq for every 1kg recycled. For our old carpet tiles, we will be saving 6kgs CO2eq/sqm.

Circularity, design and working with responsible manufacturers plays an important role in reducing the carbon footprint of projects. By working with the Team at Tarkett, jmarchitects now have first-hand experience of implementing a cyclical construction economy. We are proud to share this experience with our clients to encourage everyone along in the quest for sustainable construction projects.

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