A new community campus in Ardrossan which will sit within a wider development located on the Ardrossan North Shore. Ardrossan Community Campus has a Passivhaus Classic target, a LEIP Operational Energy of 67 kWh/sqm/annum target and Embodied Carbon benchmarking.

In addition to this a Sustainability Design Responsibility Matrix has been developed with North Ayrshire Council and their Sustainability Advisor setting out targets to be met, which will be reviewed at each stage of the project. The Sustainability goals were important to include BREEAM goals such as ecology and water consumption that would not necessarily be included in Operational and Embodied Carbon assessments.

To make sure the science is informing the design process, comprehensive CIBSE TM54 dynamic modelling has been undertaken early in the project, testing numerous design variables to make sure the science is informing the design process. The design and construction of the building to Passivhaus standards will allow the team to significantly reduce energy demand through its fabric first approach. Reducing heat demand and utilising useful solar and internal gains, will mean a reduced reliance on heating systems.

There is also significant value in investing in construction systems and methodologies that will last the lifetime of the building. This approach will ensure that energy demand is driven down before energy and carbon offsetting are then considered. Additionally, our approach to carbon neutrality incorporates both the building and the landscape within which the building sits. Specification and sourcing of stone and other landscaping materials has been carefully considered, avoiding long import journeys, reviewing production methods, and assessing re-usability.

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