jmarchitects attended a recent discussion for the Linen Quarter, Pilmuir Works, in Dunfermline in an exclusive interview with the Scottish Town Partnership Rod Duncan shared the aspirations behind the ‘trailblazing’ project.

“Importantly the flats are selling to a range of age groups, so an intergenerational aspect comes into play which is a really important development for Dunfermline.

It is an example of repurposing and reusing existing space to really benefit the community. We talked earlier about civic pride. The building itself was built in 1880 so a lot of the residents of Dunfermline have a love for that building, they’ve always had love for that building, and that came through the community consultation.

The importance of civic pride and town centre regeneration is vital because we always talk about sense of place and civic pride is important in relation to that statement, ‘what is sense of place?’ and how these buildings really reinforce city and town centre living.

I think the opportunity for towns and cities to become more ingrained in residential living is just part of what […] we should all be striving for because it’s the fabric of space, it’s the fabric of history, it’s the fabric of heritage. Without that fabric we are kind of lost.”

               – Rod Duncan, Director, jmarchitects

With its impressive 28-bay, 3-story Italianate warehouse facing Pilmuir Street, the Pilmuir Works stands as a landmark of industrial heritage. Our proposal includes meticulously preserving these facades, making minimal adjustments to adapt the structure for its future residential purpose. Additionally, we repurposed the engine house and chimney stack for commercial use, creating a dynamic urban square to foster public engagement with the new development.

Through the preservation and rejuvenation of this listed landmark for commercial redevelopment, we are halting further decay and igniting its renewed contribution to the community. The transformation of Pilmuir Works will not only honour its storied past but also create an enduring legacy for generations to come.

In a recent press release from Scotland’s Towns partnership they state: “The trailblazing Linen Quarter project in Dunfermline centres on the redevelopment of the former Pilmuir Works Damask factory into new homes – at the same time restoring an important landmark.”

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Photography Credit: David Cadzow

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