Stanley Grove Academy

Existing historic school building with combined part new build and constrained by the Manchester- London railway adjacent.




Interserve Construction Ltd



The project is one of the schools delivered through the North West Priority Batch funded by the EFA and the Bright future Education Trust. Stanley Grove Primary Academy comprises of a Victorian building with various extensions completed in the 80’s. The beyond repair extensions were demolished to make space for a new extension sympathetic to the Victorian building. The glass vertical slither extending all the way from ground floor to the top of the building offers a strong presence that highlights the entrance whilst making a distinctive break from the historic building, allowing it to stand proud.

The scheme was closely designed with the EFA and the school via a series of engagement meetings, where we got the opportunity to respond to the client’s feedback. Despite working with an existing building we successfully met the strict requirements of the area data sheets and the facilities output specification.

A large curtain glazed entrance was designed to connect the new and the old building. This allowed the new building to be respectful to the existing school whilst remaining independent in form. Due to the site constraints of the existing building coupled with the main Manchester – London railway located adjacent to the site, the building shape is a compacted 3 Storey L-Shape.

All community uses are located on the ground floor of the existing building where we created larger interlink-able spaces between the existing hall and the surrounding spaces, giving a transparent feel. Old & new are linked on every level allowing for mingling of pupils and stimulate progressive learning.

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