jmarchitects were honoured to be invited to the official opening of Saddleworth High School!

It was an honour and a privilege for Anastasia Kapagerof and Annie Kwan to attend a beautifully organised opening ceremony, prepared and delivered by the school. With the pupils centre stage, delivering some incredible music performances, some – what I can only describe as – really emotional speeches and culminating to the pupils themselves escorting us around their school which such pride, maturity and joy, showing us their new facilities in use, during their school day.

It was an absolute delight to witness first hand how happy and proud they are to have state of the art, modern facilities and hearing them in person telling us what they mean to them. We really enjoyed the tour of their school and will take with us the warmth the children brought into the spaces with their attitude and their fantastic work.

Credit: Anastasia Kapagerof, jmarchitects Manchester

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