jmarchitects has submitted a Planning Application to Glasgow City Council on behalf of NOAH Developments for the site of the former Mount Florida Bowling Club.

The application, if approved, will see the redevelopment of the site, owned by NOAH, to provide multi-purpose landscaped community open space, a re-modelled community hub in the upgraded pavilion building and a bespoke residential development.

The residential component of the project consists of two flatted blocks containing 32 one, two and three – bedroom apartments. The blocks reinforce the urban edge of Carmunnock Road and are proposed to be finished in a high-quality masonry. The blocks have direct access to both the street and the shared community open space, and projecting bays provide both balcony space and visual relief along the building frontage.

In addition, ownership of the proposed community facilities (occupying 50% of the overall site) will be gifted at no cost to a local community group so allowing it a real opportunity to shape, own and control a significant asset for the benefit of the Mount Florida community and thereby avoid an uncertain future for the whole site.

The former Bowling Club pavilion building will provide a flexible, multi-purpose space that will be made available to the local community. It will be capable of accommodating a range of proposed community uses, such as parents and toddlers’ groups, games nights, keep fit classes, educational events, craft groups and café space. The facility will be set in extensive community open space, which will be highly accessible from the surrounding residential areas, and which can be used and adapted for a variety of uses such as yoga, active outdoor play, informal sports, relaxation areas, children’s play areas and community gardens.

“We are pleased to be working with NOAH Developments on bringing forward these revised proposals for the former Mount Florida Bowling Club. Importantly, this project is supported by the ambition of our clients which is to provide both a high-quality residential development as well as a meaningful open space and refurbished clubhouse that can be used by the whole community”

               – jmarchitects

“We are delighted to have submitted this planning application, which will see the redevelopment of the site, with half of it gifted at no cost to the local community and the current pavilion building upgraded to a new community hub, which can be used for a variety of local uses. The community will for the first time have direct ownership of these assets. We will continue to engage with the local community as we have done throughout the whole consultation process.”

               – NOAH Developments

Imagery Credit: Dalgety Design

Credit: Phil Zoechbauer, jmarchitects Glasgow

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