Newcraighall East

Residential-led development with 220 units of affordable and private housing, an 800 sqm commercial development, and associated infrastructure such as landscaping, amenity, green space, parking, and SUDs on land 70 metres east of 14 Glennie Road in Newcraighall, Musselburgh.




Cullross Limited



jmarchitects were appointed by developer and affordable housing delivery specialist Cullross Ltd to design and develop a residential-led project featuring a mixture of multi-family homes within Newcraighall. The vacant site sits on the border of the City of Edinburgh Council boundary and East Lothian Council and is allocated for housing within the Local Development Plan.

This visionary project embodies the core principles of sustainability, well-being, and connectivity. The masterplan aims to create a 20-minute neighbourhood. This concept means everything a resident might need is within a 20-minute walk or bike ride from their home. This promotes not only links to sustainable transportation but also a higher quality of life by reducing the stress and time spent on commutes. New active travel routes are integrated within the masterplan and linear park with links to Newcraighall Railway Station providing easy access to the rail network to Edinburgh city centre, and beyond.

Working closely with Cullross Ltd, the design team and City of Edinburgh Council Planning Officials, the designs developed to ensure the proposals fully address the desires and principles of the key stakeholders, with the aim to deliver a high-quality residential development that aligns with the city’s vision.

Sustainability lies at the heart of this masterplan. Every aspect of the design is committed to reducing our ecological footprint and fostering a healthier relationship with the environment. The 220 new homes, comprising 125 houses in two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom configurations, along with 95 apartments providing one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom options, are to be constructed with the latest in green building technologies, emphasizing energy efficiency and solar power integration. Sustainable bio-diverse/ecological landscaping will further reduce water consumption, and electric vehicle charging stations will encourage a shift towards eco-friendly transportation options.

Great care has been taken to carefully consider and analyse the heights and arrangement of the buildings across the site, considering their relationship with the topographic profile of the area and nearby residential developments. The layout of the buildings has been meticulously designed to ensure an active presence throughout the development, with units facing the roads and the linear park whenever possible.

Central to the masterplan’s appeal is the creation of a new linear park. Stretching through the community like a verdant ribbon, the park will serve as a haven for recreation and relaxation while promoting ecological balance. Native plants and wildlife-friendly landscaping will help restore the local ecosystem, providing a tranquil and biodiverse setting for residents. Walking and cycling paths, shaded seating areas, and fitness stations will ensure that everyone can enjoy the outdoors while staying active. This linear park will be a testament to our commitment to sustainability and the preservation of green spaces in an ever-urbanizing world.

Well-being is another cornerstone of our masterplan. The design prioritizes the physical and mental health of its residents through ample green spaces, easy access to essential amenities, and a sense of community. Thoughtfully planned community spaces will encourage social interactions and community bonding. Green spaces and playgrounds will provide safe and inspiring environments for children to play and explore.

In conclusion, our visionary residential masterplan is a model of 21st-century living, where sustainability, well-being, and community are the core values. The creation of 220 new homes, the development of a biodiverse linear park, and the implementation of a 20-minute neighbourhood concept will transform the way we experience urban life. This approach to city planning is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s an invitation to a better, more sustainable future that benefits residents, the environment, and the entire community. As we embark on this journey, we’re not just building houses; we’re constructing a brighter, greener, and more interconnected world for generations to come.

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