Loaning Road

Occupying part of the grounds of the former walled garden of Craigentinny House, this development creates 59 affordable units that meets both Edinburgh City Council design guide standards and Silver Standards for sustainability. Offering a range of one, two and three bed apartments, the design creates a sustainable mixed community of affordable homes within a secure courtyard environment.




Cullross/Hillcrest Housing Association



Whilst visible between the buildings lining Restalrig Drive, the site is only approached from two directions, east and west along Loaning Road. Our design recognises these key views and has adopted the idea of creating a strong urban edge to the rear of the site, with minimal presence viewed on approach from Loaning Road itself.  Opening up to this elevation allows views to the original B Listed house to be appreciated whilst reintroducing greenspace to the site for residents to enjoy behind the security of the boundary of the original stone wall.

Scale and massing within the surrounding context vary greatly within close proximity of one another and the mix on site reflects this. A four-storey block forms a low mass set back from the street edge, allowing the remaining blocks to gradually rise up towards the north west corner of the site. This creates a relationship with the neighbouring flatted development whilst retaining views of the landmark Munro & Co Water Tank from across and around the site.

Similar to the original Craigentinny House itself, the building has no defined front and rear elevations, but with every elevation treated similarly as they all address a public space of equal importance, be it existing or proposed. The result is a unique inward looking development which hosts a series of distinctive gables throughout.


Prominent throughout the Restalrig area in both historic and modern developments, the gable is something we wished to capture within our proposals to help integrate the development within its historic setting. A series of contemporary gables which together form the mass of the proposals offer a sympathetic approach to a development within a sensitive environment.

The Challenge

To create a housing development which is sensitive to its neighbouring Grade B listed building whilst offering affordable, sustainable homes within a mixed tenure environment.

The Solution

The design creates a housing development which takes cognisance from the sites historic past to form a modern, desirable courtyard development which meets the needs of the client whilst presenting aesthetics and massing appropriate to the context in which it resides.

The Outcome

Working closely with both the developer and the planner ensured both parties aspirations were met and planning consent was granted for this high density affordable housing development. Through careful design and specially selected finishes, the modern development demonstrates a sympathetic approach within a sensitive environment.

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