In an extension to the jm mentorship programme Patrick Chiara has joined up with the University of Dundee to explore collaboration opportunities between its School of Architecture and jmarchitects. Patrick, a graduate of the University of Dundee says, “… our aim is to assist with providing a working architects perspective to university students, as well as setting up an outreach programme to support students with transitioning from university to practice.”

As part of this collaboration Michael Mullen, Patrick Chiara and Yorgos Berdos (lecturer in Contemporary Practice at the University of Dundee) will be recording a web-series; addressing various themes and issues including the differences between university and practice. The first conversation will be focussed on their experiences on finishing university, searching for a job and the issues around this.

The vision is to collaborate with other architects from a variety of backgrounds to increase the range of knowledge and experience by including a diverse set of individuals. If you are interested in participating, we would love to hear from you!

Additionally, we are delighted to have been invited by the Association of Dundee Architecture Students to take part in their Semester One Lecture Series where Patrick will be presenting a catalogue of jmarchitects’ works along with a short lecture on developing project concepts and responding to site specific issues.

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