In a series of posts this week, we are sharing recommendations from the jmarchitects team about individuals or organisations who are seen as trailblazing or championing gender equality within the construction industry and beyond. Please feel free to share these with anyone you think they would be of interest to.

Phil Zoechbauer – Project Director, Glasgow Studio

“Voices of Experience, who are Glasgow-based, have recorded a number of conversations between older and younger practitioners where they discuss architecture and the profession, which are really insightful.”

Voices of Experience


Anastasia Kapagerof – Associate, Manchester Studio

“Change can happen anytime, but when it’s in the early years it can be transformative. This beautiful series of books, originally aimed at children, has been created by women, is about women, and yet is aimed for everyone and for any age.

GOOD NIGHT STORIES FOR REBEL GIRLS offers brief biographical sketches and selected anecdotes of about 100 women (in each of the book series) and girls who broke gender barriers and accomplished extraordinary things with their talent, genius, vision, and drive.”

I’ve got two girls and one boy of primary school age, and all three of them found these books inspirational for different reasons. They love taking turns in choosing one story each at bedtime at random. Each story is brought to life by an illustration of the woman the short biography is about, along with the name and accomplishment or profession and the era and country this took place. These key data on their own generate a lot of discussion around all sorts. The different eras and how life was then. The countries they were born or became famous. The professions and what they are all about. The women and their life story in itself. And also the illustrations which are by independent artists for each and with very different styles, from photo realism, to manga and from cubism to art décor and beyond, encouraging discussion of the different times these art movement styles appeared and how they convey the era of the when these women lived.

I would highly recommend a look through those books. They certainly have made for interesting reading in our house and initiated lots of thought and discussion, making it a wonderful aid for spending some quality family time.”

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls


Rod Duncan – Director, Edinburgh Studio

Rod has sourced a number of events taking place across Scotland this week, most of them are free and details can be found below:

International Women’s Day Circle – Join in with a celebration of International Women’s Day, celebrate womenhood with a sunset, beach bonfire, stories and a seaswim!

International Women’s Day Circle

Students from across the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland School of Music come together to present a programme which celebrates this special day.

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

A series of short talks by inspiring women of Scotland with guest speaker Captain Preet who has just completed a solo trek to the South Pole.

Women With a Voice

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