Gorbals Health & Social Care Centre

The New Gorbals Health and Care Centre combines four GP services, Dental services and a variety of social care services under one roof, improving health services locally and contributing to the regeneration of the Gorbals area.




hub West Scotland / NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde



A key idea of the design is for clarity in way finding inside the building. This is achieved primarily by the use of a large slow stair located just at the point of entry which runs through a three-storey void. The stair runs parallel to the courtyard garden and is configured to slowly climb through the building with a number of landings, stops or resting places. This feature allows the stair to be travelled at a pace that will suit the less abled and provide social spaces for incidental conversations, or to simply just stop, rest, and take in the light and view of the gardens.

The general arrangement locates community rooms, and bookable spaces along the ground floor so that they are highly visible from the outside, and easy to find from the inside. The slow stair leads to GP services located on level one. Level two of the building is given over to administration for the various departments and is arranged as a large open plan office space.

The over-arching principle for the location and design of waiting areas is that they are easily found and located immediately adjacent to individual services with views to the outside. The patient experience should be as pleasant and dignified as possible, from the waiting space to the post consultation experience.

Notwithstanding the importance of the patient experience, the welfare and well-being of staff was also a central generator for the design solution. The relationship between departments is key and was tested throughout the project delivery workshops to ensure that adjacencies area appropriate and workable for both staff and visitors.

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The Challenge

Forming part of the Crown Street masterplan for the regeneration of the Greater Gorbals area, the project proposed a new integrated Health & Care Centre bringing together a variety of local health and social care services with a strong civic identity.

The Solution

The building re-establishes a perimeter block on the site, creating a new civic space and giving a sense of place to the wider site. It is designed around two open courtyard spaces that provide daylight, natural ventilation and a strong visual amenity throughout, enhancing the feeling of wellbeing for both patients and staff.

The Outcome

Using a simple and robust material palette The New Gorbals Health & Care Centre provides the local community with an integrated, welcoming and uplifting environment. The Gorbals residents have seen an improvement in physical environment and patient pathways, with quicker referral pathways between professionals under one roof and a more coordinated approach to recovery.

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