Shopfront Exhibitions at our Glasgow studio kicked off it’s 2024 season with a presentation by Part I Architectural Assistant, Anthony Di Gaetano who shared his undergraduate thesis with the team on opening night!

The Sanctuary of Conviviality is a proposal for an urban public/semi-public building in Maryhill, Glasgow, designed by Anthony Di Gaetano during his third year at the Mackintosh School of Architecture.

The Sanctuary of Conviviality (SOC) is a cultural building designed with the intent to connect the public to food, the arts, and horticultural education through typologically sacred architecture. The SOC is a communal haven for the Glaswegian community, a place where people come together to eat, learn, and celebrate local and international artists.

Space for exhibitions, vegetable growing, and communal cooking coexist to form a living building where stories are shared and made.

Ornament and form influenced by monastic architecture are expressed through an interplay of masonry and timber. The design and atmosphere of sacred spaces are intended to evoke a sense of tranquillity and transcendence in the inhabitant. The architecture of the SOC aims to foster a deeper sense of personal connection and meaning between its inhabitants and the world around them.

The shopfront at jmarchitects Glasgow studio has been used as a tool to share ideas on the built environment since its inception in 2015. The shopfront permits a unique opportunity to showcase the thoughts and ideas of our studio staff – a personal reflection in the guise of small exhibitions. It is our hope that as this event develops it will inject new conversations and ideas into our various projects in the studio and into the consciousness of the city.

Credit: Anthony Di Gaetano, jmarchitects

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