The concrete walls are progressing well on First Light Pavilion and shall be completed by the end of September, including the double arched downstands, with the immense rebar reinforcement!

We can’t wait to see the roof being poured at Unesco site of Jodrell Bank! Kier have carefully planned the logistics of the procedure of as it needs to be poured in a single 14 hour pour to avoid complicated curved joints being formed between concrete sections, the joints being a potential weak point when considering the dome has to be waterproof. How the concrete is poured onto the dome has been carefully considered by ROSCOE’s to ensure it will create a continuous monolithic structure, with several design features aimed at eliminating cracking and reducing the risk of liquid concrete sliding down the curves and ponding at the eaves.

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Cow Green submitted for Planning

Cow Green submitted for Planning

jmarchitects are excited to announce that planning permission has been submitted to Calderdale Council on behalf of Placefirst for a new nine storey residential building along Cow Green in Halifax.



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