The First Light Pavilion at Jodrell Bank has been selected along with 49 other well deserving candidates as winners of the National/International projects at the 2023 Civic Trust Awards.

We are proud to have worked with Kier from Stage 4-Completion on the first concrete dome building to be built in the UK in the last 25 years. The 76m diameter manmade green hill, equal to the size of the Lovell Telescope will offer a platform for the astronomy society and the greater community to come together and experience science, heritage, and culture.

The Civic Trust Awards is the longest standing built environment awards scheme in Europe. It was established to recognise the very best in architecture and environmental design, to improve the built environment for us all through design, sustainability, inclusiveness, and accessibility. It also rewards projects that offer a positive cultural, social, economic, or environmental benefit to their local communities

Photography Credit: Positive Image Photography

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