An exciting milestone has been reached on site at our BTR residential project at Bonnington Road Lane. After many months on hard work, the scaffolding has started to drop and reveal the final elevations.

The urban form of the city blocks at our Bonnington Road Lane project have been evident for the last few months. However, they have been cloaked behind a sea of scaffold poles, dust sheeting and guarding whilst teams of different subcontractors worked on the building envelopes. Finally, the scaffold and screens have started to be dropped as the envelope works are being finalised and the finished façades are revealed.

The elevations at Bonnington have been carefully proportioned with a vertically emphasis and a repetitive grid of solid and void. The detailing is crisp, simple, and uncluttered. The pale colour of the metal work, windows and mortar are a unifying element across all three blocks.

The choice of brick differs across each block and was a fundamental consideration. Many options were explored and tested. The final selection of a brown / grey multi, a red and a buff brick spread across each of the three blocks seek to complement the industrial heritage of the place and sit politely beside our imposing neighbour the listed Bonnington Bond warehouses in red brick and blonde sandstone as well as the blonde sandstone tenement neighbours.

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Credit: Cian Phelan, jmarchitects

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