The copper façade of the curved element of Alton Road extra-care development is now almost complete, and the planters are being filled for a wonderful roof-top garden for residents.

The gleaming copper cladding is shining brightly as it has just been installed to the two-storey elliptical curved arm of Alton Road apartments. Over time the dazzling orange colour will evolve, changing to chestnut brown and then darkening to a chocolate brown. After a few more years a film of copper salts will develop, gradually covering the metal as it reacts with oxygen in the air. This patina of green crystals protect the copper from deterioration and will turn the brown gradually to a light green – like the Statue of Liberty – which was once as shiny and orange as our glowing façade looks today.

The roof-top planters have also been craned into place along with tens of tonnes of soil, which will be prepared to receive DF Clark’s soft landscaping scheme.

Credit: Suzanne Wilson, Associate

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