Burdiehouse is an affordable housing development on the corner of a busy crossroads within the suburbs of Edinburgh. Offering 18 apartments, split over three stories of accommodation, the new building frames the corner of the once derelict site.




Cullross/Hillcrest Housing Association



The design approach for the project stems from the idea of how the site is approached from all directions, either on foot or by car; and views the corner as a three dimensional urban condition. The building forms an ‘L’ shape intervention, which creates built frontage onto the busy roads, and as a result creates a positive corner in the neighbourhood. By adopting a contemporary approach to the roof scape (a simple variation on a traditional pitched roof) three different gable profiles were generated giving the building a different characteristic on each approach.

The existing stone wall was retained which creates a strong boundary to the site and the building follows the existing buildings lines, both of which helps to retain and strengthen the existing urban grain. The distinguishing features bring a new modern characteristic to the neighbourhood, in a subtle meaningful way and embrace this simple architectural proportion with a distinct design quality, and presence in the neighbourhood.

With no overarching building material that characterises the local context, like many suburban environments, a multi- varied face brick was chosen which sits well in the context. The warm toned brick has a vernacular appearance and the variety in the mix creates a rich grainy aesthetic which contrasts to the crisp detailing of windows and screens.

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