How many architects, engineers, and project managers does it take to answer a few quiz questions?!

Get ready to dive into the fun from last night’s epic event! Despite the rain trying its best to dampen our spirits, it only made our team more determined. jmarchitects’ Brainy Bunch joined forces with AtkinsRéalis and Etive Consulting Engineers for an unforgettable evening of rain, games, and prizes at the 3rd Annual Edinburgh Brain Game Fundraiser for Marie Curie. Our spirited squad battled it out, securing a spot in the Top 10 out of 30 tables! Though tricky Sports and Music questions threw us a curveball, we didn’t let it dampen our spirits.

The night was filled with laughter, competitive banter, and a warm sense of community. Hosted by a star-studded lineup of quiz-masters, the event saw participants coming together in celebration and remembrance. The best part? We collectively raised an astounding £139,000 for Marie Curie! The real champions of the evening are the families who will benefit from this incredible generosity.

A huge shoutout to everyone who participated and made this night a roaring success! Here’s to more nights of fun, fundraising, and fabulous memories!

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