The third Monday of January (15th January this year) is regarded as “Blue Monday” – a term coined due to a culmination of various factors (usually seasonal) which can affect a person’s mood. However, low mood and depression can occur at any time. Typical factors at this time of year can include post-Christmas downtime, reduced daylight hours and generally wintry weather conditions, as well as financial challenges experienced by some during the first month of the year.

There are ways to help combat some of the negative and challenging feelings during this time and at any time, not just “Blue Monday”:

  • Take advantage of the limited daylight hours by going for a walk outside at lunchtimes – this not only helps to break up the day but is also an opportunity to top up Vitamin D levels on those sunnier days.
  • Maintain social connections (both virtually and in person);
  • Regular exercise (either solo or as group sports) are great for mental wellbeing and social interaction.
  • Be realistic when setting any resolutions or aspirations for the year ahead and don’t be too hard on yourselves if you haven’t quite achieved a particular milestone when you had anticipated/hoped for.
  • Take some perspective on matters that may seem challenging at a certain point.
  • Relish in the things you enjoy – this could be a hobby or something as simple as a spending time with a pet.
  • Turn “Blue Monday” into “Brew Monday” by inviting friends, family, or colleagues to share a cuppa and connect.

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