Climate change, Brexit, Covid and economic challenges have changed the workplace, the work force and our working practices. How will workplace design respond?

With the world and national events that we have experienced over the last three years, the workplace and working practices are changing at a rate that is unprecedented in recent times.

To ensure that we create an environment to nurture creativity and wellbeing, enable efficient working practices and meet ESG strategies we need to question every aspect of established workplace design. Attracting and retaining the best talent to work in our cities and drive our businesses demands the best workplaces.

jmarchitects is excited by the challenges and opportunities this provides and how they impact on our current and future workload of zero carbon, market leading new builds and highly sustainable remodelling, repurposing and fit-out projects. We are very much looking forward to expanding our knowledge during 3 days of presentations, discussions, study tours and the exchange of ideas at the BCO Conference in Dublin.

Touch base with Mark in Dublin!

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