Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Car Park

A new seven storey, 1270 space car park for Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with an envelope of perforated stainless steel.




NHS Grampian


Prior to this development, car parking at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary was provided mainly in two large surface car parks located adjacent to the main Hospital Entrance, offering approximately 1160 spaces. As patient and visitor numbers continued to increase at the Hospital, car parking provision had remained stagnant. This resulted in significant levels of congestion within the Royal Infirmary’s campus, which not only generated road safety concerns but added unnecessary stress to both patients and visitors. It also increased congestion on the surrounding road network as people searched for a parking space. To alleviate this on-going problem, NHS Grampian procured the construction of a new Transport Hub incorporating a multi-storey car park that has provided significant additional and improved car parking, immediately opposite the Hospital Main Entrance.

The new Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP) occupies part of the upper car park area immediately opposite the Main Hospital Entrance. It incorporates 6/7 storeys in a split-level arrangement, taking advantage of the natural slope from north to south and is available only for public use. The existing public car park entrance on Foresterhill Road has been retained as the sole point of vehicular access and egress for the public, and this provides access to the MSCP entrance at ground floor level. Exit from the new car park is adjacent to its entrance, thus minimising the impact on the existing road infrastructure.

Rather than express the buildings scale we have chosen to “de scale” by designing a singular modular skin that offers no reference to the storeys within. The skin is made up of modular undulating metal panels with a horizontal expression. Each “layer” is offset from the next creating a gentle ripple to the façade that constantly changes – reflecting and refracting light, nature, activity and the sky. The panels are finished in a high gloss silver metallic coating resonate with the Granite of the surrounding urban fabric and will sparkle and contrast in the changing light. The large modular panels [approximately 900 x 2500] contain a consistent perforated pattern of circular holes: by day reflecting the outside world and by night glowing from within. The perforations also provide essential natural cross ventilation – obviating the requirement for mechanical ventilation in the building.

The new Transport Hub has increased parking on the site by approximately 1,000 spaces.

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