The Manchester Studio is thrilled to welcome Pelisa Li to the Studio as a Part II Architectural Assistant.  Welcome to the team! jmarchitects is growing and changing every day and we’re thrilled to have Pelisa along for the ride.

We asked Pelisa a few questions to get to know her better and this is what she said…

Why did you choose a career in the construction industry?

“‘Building is a Story Teller’– which also serve as cultural and historical artefacts reflecting the values and beliefs. I would love to understand more about their own stories.”

Who in the “community” do you follow and admire for their architectural ability and why?

“Always admire Japanese Minimalist style which focuses on the shape, colour, and texture of just a handful of essential elements. The natural beauty of material and nature itself.”

Where did you study and why did you choose that place?

“I did my degree in Adelaide, Australia and MArch in the UK – A perfect excuse to go travel.”

Pelisa, welcome on board from everyone at jmarchitects!


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