One week to go – jma are attending the BCO Conference in Birmingham! 

As members and supporters of the British Council for Offices, Mark Burgess and Rob Renton are looking forward to attending the annual conference in Birmingham with its programme of keynote speeches, talks and study tours, and to meeting friends and making new acquaintances from the world of office design.

The role of the office and how it attracts, supports, and benefits the best and most productive workforce has been questioned and reconsidered more than ever over the last 4 years. Workplace design has changed during that time, and it continues to evolve and develop, particularly in respect of work/life balance and sustainability. Despite our considerable experience in this sector, jmarchitects are continually learning and keen to add to our knowledge base and skills and we look forward to hearing from and discussing the future of workplace design with some of the leading figures in the sector.

If you would like to make arrangements to meet Mark and Rob during the conference, then please email them directly.

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