• Maryhill Housing Phase 4

    Maryhill Housing Phase 4
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Maryhill Housing - Phase 4

Thirty-three 3 and 4 bed terraced houses overlooking the River Kelvin Walkway.


Bigg Regeneration


This project is the latest phase of the Maryhill Locks masterplan, comprising of three 3 and 4 bed terraced houses faces toward the Kelvin Walkway, with the development completing the urban block of Whitelaw Street and Lochgilp Street.

The regular terrace format re-establishes the street edge, whilst breaking the terrace into four separate buildings gives the appearance of a stepped building line, breaking up the monolithic quality of the block and ensuring that the building form is animated and interesting rather than solid.

The overall appearance is intended to be sympathetic towards the green corridor created by the River Kelvin, and a simple and restrained palette of materials, predominantly brick, is intended to complement the character established by Phases 1 and 3 of the masterplan. The project is set to complete in mid-2019.