• Europan Housing, Dublin

    Europan Housing, Dublin
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Europan Housing, Dublin

The site is constrained by its linear nature, orientation and by its proximity to adjacent private housing, particularly on the northern end of the side.

Our view is that any resolution of the site and programme must create a balance between building space and the spaces between buildings in order to maintain the suggested ‘sanctuary’ quality of the site whilst maintaining the mature tree zone along the boundaries. It is also our view that any new intervention should redefine the street frontage in a positive and assertive manner.

Our idea is evolved out of two new housing typologies, developed in line with this programme. We have conceived the idea of a plan format with mediating relationships to the external fabric. In this way the building envelope is a detached and (re)active wrap that responds to orientation, context, sunlight and daylight.




Europan Residential Quarter