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Battery Wharf, Barking

Battery Wharf is a mixed tenure residential development, regenerating a brownfield site in central Barking close to the River Roding.


Hampstead Homes (Planning Stage)


Having identified the regeneration potential of this brownfield site close to the centre of Barking, jmarchitects worked with the owners to find suitable development partners who could help maximise its value.

Corner to River
Corner to Abbey Road

This former industrial area, well served by road, rail and river links presented a great opportunity for a new residential and creative industries quarter. Our proposals were developed to help reinforce the local masterplan established by The London Thames Gateway Development Corporation who took over planning functions from the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

The development was conceived as two black brick boxes, a longer one addressing Abbey Road and the other, perpendicular to the first, addressing the river. The boxes were raised above a plinth of parking and service accommodation, above any flood risk from the River Roding. The external terraces are created by a sinuous white ribbon which wraps the building. As this ribbon travels around the building, it is articulated to specific elements such as points of entry or significant corners which are visible from a distance.

Following grant of consent, the development changed hands several times, and was finally constructed by Quadrant Construction working with RMA Architects whose stage 4 drawings stayed true to the planning intent.

Corner to Street

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The Challenge

To regenerate a former industrial area in Barking with a high quality residential development that helps to redefine the local context.

The Solution

The development creates a high quality living environment for every dwelling, maximising access to space, light and view. jmarchitects developed a highly contextural response which was granted planning consent by the LTGDC.

The Outcome

The unique, stylish aesthetic creates a tenure blind development, with both buildings are treated equally with identical spaces, materials and details. Now complete the building heals the fragmented streetscape with an enhanced sense of community.