jm Mentorship Programme

jm Mentorship Programme

We are incredibly proud of our high historic pass rate for Part 3 candidates across all of our studios. Those who have sat their Part 3 examinations will know how much time and effort goes into reaching this milestone which allows candidates to finally refer to themselves as an Architect.

Even though our staff (many of whom have been through the pain of sitting their Part 3 themselves) have always supported new candidates, we are delighted to announce that we are now formalising this with the launch of our ‘jm Mentorship Programme’.

We would like to thank Michael Mullen and Patrick Chiara who are the driving force behind this new initiative. They will be ably assisted by a number of Architects from across our studios, providing a range of experience of both the Scottish and English examinations. Patrick completed his Part 3 with Newcastle University and Michael was recently invited to become a Part 3 Oral examiner for Westminster University as a former graduate.

The career progression from Part 1 to Part 3 can be daunting to many, especially transitioning from a university environment to a professional environment. This is the reason why the jm Mentorship Programme has been set up, to help with this transition and successfully guide the candidates through the process to final examinations and beyond.

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