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Govan Old Parish Church

Govan Old Parish Church

Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent have been granted for the second phase of the redevelopment of Govan Old Parish Church. This follows on from the successful Planning Application for the first phase conversion of the Lower Ground floor of the church building, which is expected to start on site in September.


The project forms an extension to the Grade A-listed Rowand Anderson-designed building comprising office space as well as toilet facilities and a lift to maximise accessibility to the building as well as provide facilities to allow the buildings use as a venue to be fully realised. The architectural design for the project draws on designs for an un-realised cloister designed by Anderson - an enclosed space with an arcade around its perimeter, formed from hewn stone, which will be both sympathetic to the adjacent church whilst clearly distinguishing it as a modern intervention. Taking cues from the existing church building and its exposed ribbed timber roof structure, a skeletal timber frame is inserted within the solid masonry walls of the extension to create a vertical, ecclesiastical quality to the space.

Govan 05.jpg

This is the second stage of works to Govan Old that will in the future allow greater community involvement and enhance the visitor experience to the church interior which houses the Govan stones.

South-Facing Elevation.JPG

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